Фрискии супоер звездата Џон Ослон победи на Нор-Ам натпреварот во Панорама

There is no doubt about it: Jon Olsson is one of the best skiers of his time.
In his discipline freeskiing, the HEAD athlete is even a living legend.
Eleven medals at the X-Games are the impressive score of the Swedish all-rounder.

And yet, he still wants more: Now he also wants to compete in Alpine
skiing and qualify for the Olympic Games in Sochi 2014. And he has
already been successful on his way to achieving this goal: At the Nor-Am
Cup in Panorama (Can) he crushed his competitors and won the giant slalom.

Step ahead

The Nor-Am Cup, the American equivalent to the European Cup, is the
next stepping stone on the HEAD racer’s way to the World Cup. Thanks
to his competition experience in freeskiing he has what it takes in terms of strong nerves.

On December 14th in Panorama, Canada, he finished the first run in the
 best time and then brought his victory home in the second run in great style.
Thus he is on the best way to winning a personal bet: He wants to qualify for the
Olympic Winter Games 2014. If this works out a current Swedish slalom skier,
 a friend of Olsson, will pay him a substantial sum of money. If Olsson continues
on this upward path, the first nomination for the World Cup will probably only be a question of time.

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