Уште еден подиум за Сузан Риеш

Susanne Riesch confirmed her strong improvement in Zagreb’s prestigious ‚Snow Queen‘s slalom
 race finishing again in 3rd place, just a few hundredths ahead of her older sister Maria. Last month
 Susanne reached her very first World Cup podium at Are.

The 22-year-old racer from Garmisch-Partenkirchen was particularly pleased with her performance
after clocking the 7th best time only in the first run. “To be again on the podium in that very special
 event is quite exciting, this is such a great race for us,” Susanne told the press after her race. “I had a
very strong 2nd run, I was skiing better than this morning,” added the young HEAD skier. “I really like
 skiing here, you feel the excitement of the people. I achieved my first top-10 finish here last year so I was really glad to come back and aim for more.”

“I’m really happy to have been able to confirm so soon my strength here, all the girls fought again hard
to reach the podium in that competition and it’s tough to get among the best 3 in slalom.”

“Now I also feel able to fight for more in future races, I know what it takes to win. It’s crucial to achieve
two very strong runs in a row and be extremely focused too.”

“I’m really happy with my season so far, I have been extremely consistent finishing twice 4th and twice
 3rd, this gives me great confidence and momentum too.”

“After the race, Maria told me she has been impressed by the way I started the second run, this is a nice
 compliment. We don’t talk a lot to each other during the races, more during training.”

“Now I’ll take a short break and start to prepare the next slalom race at Flachau. It’s a night race so it
 should be very crowded too.”

Besides Maria Riesch, another HEAD champion also did well in Zagreb this Sunday – Czech’s Sarka Zahrobska
, who came in 5th less than half a second far from the podium.

Lindsey Vonn, who wanted to race despite her painful injured hand, missed a gate in the second run after
 clocking the 14th best time in the morning. The defending World Cup winner hopes that she will be able to
ski soon without pain. “I don’t need my hands so much in the
speed events, so I should be able to ski much faster next week at Haus,” she said with a grin. “Today was tough, but I had to try it.”

Anja Paerson made a big mistake in the first run and didn’t qualify for the second one.

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